Meet Jenni…

The idea for MOVE Studio was imagined in 1986 in her parent’s basement. She taught classes to the neighborhood kids and they put on performances for the parents... fast forward to 2014 when MOVE Studio was born and the rest is history.

Jenni started dancing at age three and by nine she began intensive training at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Followed by Kidco Theater Dance Company, Banff Center for the Arts, and Victoria Arts Collaborative, just to name a few. Jenni continued dancing, performing locally and internationally. Spending two years based out of London, England.

She holds her BA in Dance and Kinesiology from the University of Calgary. RYT 200 from Open Source Yoga. And certification from CPI for Pilates.

After an injury, Jenni turned her focus to Yoga and Pilates as a means of rehabilitation. This is when she started teaching full time. Returning to the west coast in 2003, she has been teaching at The Shadbolt Center for the Arts, Yyoga and various other studios. In 2006 MOVE on the move began as corporate offerings to the Vancouver and Burnaby communities and in 2014 MOVE STUDIO New West was established. Jenni and MOVE have since received numerous awards and Jenni is a proud ambassador for Lululemon Metrotown.

Jenni is super excited to bring her love of movement, über high energy and larger than life personality to every class at MOVE. This is her lifelong dream come true. Thank you for being part of it!


Hi, I’m Pogo!

I’ve been working on my downward dogs since 2009. I have my own mat at MOVE Studio, so if you see me, don’t to worry I’m doing my own thing. If you are not a fan of my kind (I totally get it… we can be annoying) please shoot my human an email and I will make myself scarce. Side note… I only come to Jenni’s classes… I mean, I’m not biased but… 😉

MOVE is the best! I love the idea of yoga, pilates AND dance all in one spot. The instructors are full of energy, super friendly and fun. The owners, Jenni, Aaron and Pogo immediately make you feel welcome and part of the team. No matter what kind of day I’m having, after just one hour at MOVE, I’m always leaving with a smile and feeling so much better. Do the 2 week unlimited trial and I guarantee you’ll come back for more. Thank you guys for creating such an amazing place! :)
— Summer Reese


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Carin Porcellato

Carin has a love of yoga that evolved from her many years studying dance and teaching fitness classes. She began teaching yoga over 16 years ago in order to share this passion with others. Carin aims to make her classes accessible to all levels of yogis, offering many options for making the postures work for every-body! Her other passions are running with friends and hiking the local mountains. As a wife, mother, grade two teacher and university student, Carin understands the importance of arriving on your mat and taking time for yourself. She is excited to be teaching classes in her own community at MOVE studio!


Cindy couturier

Yoga was first introduced to me at age 10. It was always available, through meditation, and other ways. You take what you need from yoga, when the time is right I came to teaching yoga to delve deeper into the many layers. 200 hours of training gave me a foundation, on which I continue to build by taking as much training as I can, including Yin, Restorative, Yodra Nidra, Therapeutic Touch, and Reiki.

In my classes, everyone is welcome. My aim is to offer multi-level classes, to help you stretch, strengthen, release and relax. May you get what you need. This may include special treats like healing hands of Reiki, and a nurturing shoulder press and neck release as you settle into Savasana.


Cypress Daws-Knowles

Cypress is a certified Hatha and Acro Yoga teacher. She took her first yoga class at the age of 10 and it stuck with her. The bright and animated energy that radiates from Move Studio and its owner Jenni Hart was what inspired her to start teaching and in 2016 she took her first YTT. Her personality is laid-back and friendly and she leads her classes with the hope that everyone who attends can feel they belong. For Cypress, the joy of yoga is the reconciliation of mind, body and spirit. She aims to give her students the space to feel the simple and powerful sensation of wholeness in the present moment. She also LOVES dogs, dancing and the colour blue.



Kaitie has been in love with movement her whole life, beginning with dance; training in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. To share the benefits of moving the body with others, and to deepen her knowledge of anatomy and alignment, she dove into 900 hours of Yoga Training through a Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Yin Yoga Course, and Yoga Therapy Training. From a movement practice came the balance of stillness within yoga, and the healing capabilities possible through deepened release within the body, mind, and nervous system. Her practice deepened and grounded here; in the importance of balancing internal layers through subtly reflecting inward. Continually aiming to assist others in connecting deeper with themselves to live more authentically and expressively in their lives and individual yoga journey, she uses her skills in mindfulness, myofascial release, alignment corrections, breath work, resiliency for chronic stress or pain, and a trauma sensitive approach. She hopes to instil practices that have helped herself, and others, find greater ease, lightness and resiliency. She can offer a therapeutic approach, and private sessions have the ability to find the root cause of a personal issue, both physical and emotional, to create unique practices for greater range of motion, ease, quality of life, and resiliency going forward. We work together to playfully explore all of the layers of the self with intention to intertwine the body and mind to lay the foundations of unique balance. When she's not teaching or practicing yoga, Kaitie spends her time using her Herbal Immersion Training to create herbal medicines, aromatherapy concoctions, and tend her garden. You can find her spending time with nature, exploring, rock hunting and foraging. She also loves good food, reading, writing and being around friends, family, and of course her Chaya cat.



I see life as the balance of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energies working interconnected within and around us. Yoga is a great way to access these energies and prepare the body to maintain higher energetic states of being for optimum health. It doesn’t have to involve sun salutations or head stands, although it can. What’s important is that we learn to listen to our OWN bodies, acknowledge our needs, and familiarize ourselves with our unique areas of tension and release to help us grow. I teach awareness of the self through the body for self-empowerment. I specialize in joint health, spinal mobility, fascia release and brain/ body coordination – these combine for a very unique yoga practice in any class I teach.



Patrice tried out a yoga video in her basement over 15 years ago to help with stretching after activities like running and cycling, and fell in love with the practice. Energizing and relaxing, she finds yoga to be the perfect balance of building strength and flexibility while clearing and calming the mind. Patrice completed her 200-hour instructor certification through Semperviva and loves to share yoga with others through an asana practice that focuses on alignment and matching movement with breath.



Born and raised in New Westminster, Sam began dancing at age three and continued on to compete nationally and internationally in all styles of dance. She now maintains her love of the art as a dance instructor in New West. Pilates became a regular part of Sam’s dance training from the age of 11, and she fell in love with what the practice does for both mind and body. She has since become a Certified Mat Pilates instructor.

Sam has a passion for teaching and loves sharing her knowledge of movement with students of all ages.



Sandy has traveled extensively throughout India and Indonesia to study the healing arts and to share the practice of yoga. She has acquired over 1000 hrs of training in the styles of aerial, ashtanga vinyasa, flow, hatha, hot yoga, kundalini, restorative and yin yoga.

Sandy has worked with plant medicine retreats in Iquitos, Peru, and she has hosted yoga retreats throughout Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Bali. She is passionate about supporting your yoga practice, and she offers a multi-faceted approach as a registered holistic nutritionist and traditional Chinese acupuncturist.