Flow or Vinyasa Yoga synchronizes breath and movement as you smoothly transition from one pose to another quite like a dance. In this class you will see a lot of variety but expect movement. Re-energize your body and mind as you focus on the power of breathing and flowing movement through the poses. You will be sure to see Sun Salutations so be prepared to sweat as this class is a more physical style of yoga. Suitable for people of all fitness levels.


Stretch and strengthen your body from head to toe. Learn how to use your breath to calm the mind, ground into your sense of self, and to melt away any negativity in your heart. This class is designed to help bring you balance. In Sanskrit, "ha" means "sun" and "tha" means "moon." Within each one of us there is masculine and feminine energy; there is the potential for both fire and for cooling. Hatha practice aims to bring every part of you into balance using the postures as tools. There will be a focus on safety, alignment, and facilitating a healthy flow of Prana in students of all levels of experience.



Chillout is a slower paced style of yoga where postures are held for a longer time, typically five minutes or longer. These yoga poses target the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Chillout classes are unique in that your asked to relax in the posture, soften the muscle and work closer to the bone. The aim is to increase circulation to the joint and improve flexibility.


Just like our other awesome Hatha yoga classes only in the morning! Start your day our right. Get centered, balanced and bendy!



Transition out of your weekend with a blend of breath and movement to relax the body and focus the mind for the week ahead. There will be a focus on safety, alignment, and facilitating a healthy flow of Prana in students of all levels of experience.


This practice is designed to help you sit longer, and more comfortably, in meditation by stretching connective tissue around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine). A passive practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it just did! This class will also get the benefits of fragrant essential oils (as from flowers and fruits) to enhance a feeling of well-being and the ultimate in chill.



Same awesomeness as above but with the added dash of meditation to your yin practice. Lets take some time to slow down, dig in and have a quiet listen to our bad ass selves…


A combination class combining a balance between strengthening and letting go. The yin poses are held longer to get into joints and ligaments to facilitate release. The strengthening poses build heat, muscle strength and stamina. Cultivate, flexibility, and meditative awareness. Release tight hips, strengthen and relax shoulders and relax your lower back.




Start of the New Year with a tune up! We will learn to let go of and manage stress and tension to start fresh with a more open and grounded you. Using myofascial rolling tools to self release deeper into the connective and integrative layers of the body. This enhances the ability to let go of physical pain or tension, as well as tapping into the deeper, more intricate layers of the self. This process helps to remove that which we don't need, to open up to more space, connection, and resiliency through the nervous system. This internal balance and restoring is cultivated through supported, relaxing, still poses to ease the body, mind, and internal regulation. Through allowing the body to be completely passive, we are able to hold onto more of the space and peace found the release. A beautiful unison to aid in our process of re-calibrating the body using all the power already held within each individual.





Meet you @THE BARRE! Jenni’s kinesiology and ballet background knock it out of the park in this Barre class like no other. See results fast in a fun, upbeat environment. Warm up starts with light free weights and high rep exercises to tighten and tone arms and shoulders (no more flapping those bingo wings!) after warmup movers post up at the barre for a major booty workout. Class ends with some Core and stretch to balance things out for a workout your whole body will love! Former dancers love being back at the barre in this class, and movers with no dance experience dig the lengthening and flexibility gains that come along with Barre work.


Every bit as good/bad as it sounds! This full body hour long class combines #hardCORE and @theBARRE. Like Barrelates - but different. MOVErs will find more “crunch” type ab and core exercises with less fluid Pilates movements. The class begins with half an hour of mat work and switches to Barre. Sweat until you can’t take anymore, but wait there’s more! – hit the Barre

Again former dancers and individuals with zero dance experience love this class equally!



A 50/50 combination of Jenni’s traditional @theBARRE class and Pilates. This class begins with half an hour of Pilates work on the mat with a strong focus on core strengthening and toning. After this MOVErs hit the Barre (don’t get too excited!) to tighten and tone the lower body. The ballet-based training will lift and tone in an environment almost as fun as the real bar. Former dancers and individuals with zero dance experience are all encouraged to try this class! Come see what our Barre can do for your booty!

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Pilates increases flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance to develop control throughout the entire body. Emphasis on breath and alignment are key and exercises can be modified to range from beginner to advanced within each class. This class is well suited to any age or fitness level. Build lean muscle and tone while working out that power house core.


This class is hardcore! We at MOVE call this the power hour. While there is a focus on the core, you will strengthen and tone your entire body in this class.




In Flow-lates you will MOVE through flowing Yoga sequences with a bit of cheeky CORE work slipped in. This class is the best of both worlds!

Yoga + Pilates = AWESOME




retro dance fitness

Because just Zumba gets boring… oh no she didn’t…

Come work up a sweat at the most fun class ever! Bring a friend (or don’t - we’re all rad) and work up a sweat through dance. It feels like less of a workout when it’s this fun, but your body won’t know that! This one is “extra” cause its rocking out to hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s… seriously people, this is a good one! Happy lifting and toning movers!



No pink tights or bodysuits required here! Wear your spandex pants (yeah the ones you say are for yoga but wear everywhere… those ones!) and bare feet / old split soles / or socks! Classes are open and inclusive to all! Former team sports star with no dance experience? Perfect! Learn the basics of ballet training while increasing strength, flexibility and balance. Retired ballerina missing the studio? Perfect! Mostly barre based basic exercises will take you back to the art you loved so much, without the exams recitals and bun induced receding hairline. Jenni’s experience and love of dance from childhood through her years of training provides expertise in a laid back environment.



Work your body, brain, and coordination out in this fun filled “Jazz dance” style class. Former dancers will love the nostalgia, while those with no dance experience can try out a fun dance class in an encouraging and comfortable environment. Class starts with warm up, then moves into some floor work and choreography. Another place to wear your much loved spandex! Get down here and MOVE you jazzy people! We will end this class on the mat with a yoga cool down and, if there is time, perhaps a sneaky savasana!

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Water bottles can be purchased from our boutique or brought from home.  We provide all the equipment you need for your session.  Mats, Bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets and bands, they are all included in your membership.  You are welcomed to bring your own mat if you prefer.


Dress in comfortable clothes that you can easily stretch and move in.  Bring a water bottle.  For Dance classes that require shoes it is preferred if you bring indoor shoes.  On your first visit it is best to arrive 15 minutes early so you can complete the waiver, sign in, and pay for class.  You can speed this up by completing the registration online ahead of time.  Be sure to tell us if it is your first time doing a Yoga or Pilates class.


I'M UNDER 18...

MOVE Studio welcomes people of all ages to take part in our classes.  Minors must have a parent or guardian complete their waiver before they can participate.  Children under 13 are required to attend with a parent or guardian.

MORE helpful info...

  • Read the MOVE Studio etiquette Guide

  • Drink lots of water before class, Stay hydrated! Avoid eating before class, a full stomach can make practice difficult and some poses uncomfortable.

  • If you are having difficulty with a pose, just relax and lay on your back. Don't push yourself too hard. Tell your instructor if it isn't working for you.



  • Please be on time.  Arrive 10 minutes before class begins.  If you reserved a spot, it will be given away 5 minutes before the class starts to someone waiting if you are absent.

  • MOVE Studio is a perfume free environment.

  • Refrain from using cell phones in the studio and kindly turn your ringer off when you are in class.

  • Don't be a floor hog.  Some classes get full attendance, leave space for your neighbors.

  • If you must leave class early, advise the instructor and setup your mat near door so you can exit without disrupting others.

  • At the end of class please clean your mat with the supplied spray and rags, and put equipment back in its place.

  • Be quiet when other classes are in session.  If you arrive early please use your library voice as to not disturb savasana ;)

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