• Please be on time.  Arrive 10 minutes before class begins.  If you reserved a spot, it will be given away 5 minutes before the class starts to someone waiting if you are absent.

  • MOVE Studio is a perfume free environment.

  • Refrain from using cell phones in the studio and kindly turn your ringer off when you are in class.

  • Don't be a floor hog.  Some classes get full attendance, leave space for your neighbors.

  • If you must leave class early, advise the instructor and setup your mat near door so you can exit without disrupting others.

  • At the end of class please clean your mat with the supplied spray and rags, and put equipment back in its place.

  • The studio is locked during class and open in between classes. Check our schedule for the best time to visit or give us a call! Please do not knock on the door when class is in session. Thanks!