retro dance fitness

Because just Zumba gets boring… oh no she didn’t…

Come work up a sweat at the most fun class ever! Bring a friend (or don’t - we’re all rad) and work up a sweat through dance. It feels like less of a workout when it’s this fun, but your body won’t know that! This one is “extra” cause its rocking out to hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s… seriously people, this is a good one! Happy lifting and toning movers!



No pink tights or bodysuits required here! Wear your spandex pants (yeah the ones you say are for yoga but wear everywhere… those ones!) and bare feet / old split soles / or socks! Classes are open and inclusive to all! Former team sports star with no dance experience? Perfect! Learn the basics of ballet training while increasing strength, flexibility and balance. Retired ballerina missing the studio? Perfect! Mostly barre based basic exercises will take you back to the art you loved so much, without the exams recitals and bun induced receding hairline. Jenni’s experience and love of dance from childhood through her years of training provides expertise in a laid back environment.



Work your body, brain, and coordination out in this fun filled “Jazz dance” style class. Former dancers will love the nostalgia, while those with no dance experience can try out a fun dance class in an encouraging and comfortable environment. Class starts with warm up, then moves into some floor work and choreography. Another place to wear your much loved spandex! Get down here and MOVE you jazzy people! We will end this class on the mat with a yoga cool down and, if there is time, perhaps a sneaky savasana!