Meet you @THE BARRE! Jenni’s kinesiology and ballet background knock it out of the park in this Barre class like no other. See results fast in a fun, upbeat environment. Warm up starts with light free weights and high rep exercises to tighten and tone arms and shoulders (no more flapping those bingo wings!) after warmup movers post up at the barre for a major booty workout. Class ends with some Core and stretch to balance things out for a workout your whole body will love! Former dancers love being back at the barre in this class, and movers with no dance experience dig the lengthening and flexibility gains that come along with Barre work.


Every bit as good/bad as it sounds! This full body hour long class combines #hardCORE and @theBARRE. Like Barrelates - but different. MOVErs will find more “crunch” type ab and core exercises with less fluid Pilates movements. The class begins with half an hour of mat work and switches to Barre. Sweat until you can’t take anymore, but wait there’s more! – hit the Barre

Again former dancers and individuals with zero dance experience love this class equally!



A 50/50 combination of Jenni’s traditional @theBARRE class and Pilates. This class begins with half an hour of Pilates work on the mat with a strong focus on core strengthening and toning. After this MOVErs hit the Barre (don’t get too excited!) to tighten and tone the lower body. The ballet-based training will lift and tone in an environment almost as fun as the real bar. Former dancers and individuals with zero dance experience are all encouraged to try this class! Come see what our Barre can do for your booty!