I really found a class that works for me. Jenni Higgins is an awesome Pilates instructor. Makes you feel like you have all of her attention. Felt comfortable after my first session with her and have been going back for several years now. Her upbeat stress free approach and clear instructions motivate me to keep coming back. THANK YOU and I hope more people will benefit from Pilates in her new studio.
— Michael (56)
Jenni introduced me to - and hooked me on - pilates! I look forward to each of her classes, which she infuses with fantastically positive energy, fun moves, groovy tunes and laughter (which makes the workout even more challenging). When I first started attending her classes over a year ago, they were small. Today, they are filled to the brim with enthusiastic students who come for both a great workout and the great entertainment! I have never known an instructor to encourage her students to “abs of steel” by having this much fun. After a year of pilates with Jenni, my core is strong and fit for the sports I love - running, hiking and skiing. I am so devoted to Jenni’s classes I will even reschedule client meetings so I can attend them! Jenni’s a gem.
— WH
I was very nervous as an adult trying out dance for the first time, but the moment that I stepped into Jenni’s class those nerves went away. Jenni has a wonderful mix of energy, enthusiasm, and humour that she brings to every class. She has the incredible ability to push each of her students to their physical limits and make them smile while doing so. I would highly recommend Jenni as an instructor regardless of current ability level.
— Marianne
I’ve been attending Jenni’s Pilates Mat Class for 3 years. Jenni is highly motivating and delivers a challenging total body workout with lots of modifications for different levels. She is very funny and makes us forget how hard we are exercising. An excellent teacher!
— Nancy C.
I love Jenni! Her classes are always the highlight of my day! Jenni is so fun to be with. Her cheerful personality makes my workout more motivating. Jenni gives cute perfect instructions that maximize my skills and result. Thank you Jenni!
— Winnia
I can’t say enough good things about Jenni and her pilates classes! She always gives you a killer workout but the best part of her classes is her energy, attitude and great sense or humour. She is always so positive and makes the class feel like they have the ability to push themselves that much more. She is also so great at helping the class in demonstrating proper technique and form. I highly recommend taking her class but be prepared to sweat and laugh!
— Hamish
I highly recommend Jenni’s Yoga and Pilates classes. Her classes are enjoyable and suitable for all levels.

She is very knowledgeable, and customizes certain exercises depending upon people’s limitations/preferences.

Over the years, I have found myself building greater core strength, improved posture, increased flexibility and balance.

This has helped me to prevent injuries and feel healthier overall. This is important for anyone working in an office environment.
— ML
I’ve been doing “Pilates on the mat” classes with Jenni for the better part of 2 years now (1h - 2x per week).
As I’m in my early 40’s, I don’t have time to waste on silly workouts. What’s keeps me coming back is Jenni’s energetic larger than life personality with full body techniques that ensure results!
— Elizabeth Taylor
I’ve been taking pilates and core yoga with Jenni for almost 3 years now and I can’t say enough about them. I’ve always been active but I’ve seen a complete transformation in my physique with the addition of her classes. Even though I’ve moved further away, I still make the longer drive to her class (passing by many studios on the way might I add). I’ve tried other instructors and studios closer by but nothing has compared over the years. It’s a great fusion of yoga and pilates with an encouraging and motivating ambiance.
— SS
It was my long-held desire to take ballet again. But as a middle-aged adult, walking into a ballet class can be a daunting prospect. Jenny immediately put me at ease. Not only did she offer top-notch instruction, but she made me feel successful, a key ingredient at any age. What’s more, her teaching style is upbeat, inclusive and joyful which made the discipline required for ballet easier to absorb. To be part of her class is a pleasure.
— Shelley Tucker - Ballet student
Challenge, motivation and a great workout is what a find in Jenni’s classes. Her classes are well structure, her instructions are clear and she makes sure every exercise is performed well to avoid injuries and to get the best out of it. She is always smiling and makes her class fun that makes you forget how hard your muscles are working. Her motivation makes me challenge myself every class
— Edith Avendano - Core and Pilates class